Tuesday, 19 April 2011


As a new teacher it is important to recognize the significance of phonics when teaching your students the art of spelling.
Phonics relates to sound-letter relationships and an important element in learning how to write and spell. The following list outlines the stages of phonics.

1. Prephonic spelling
Written letters are determined by actual letter names (Hill, 2006).

e.g. I L N ALADE
(I live in Adelaide)

2. Semi-phonetic spelling
A single word may be written as one or two letters (Hill, 2006).

e.g. I LIK PLA
(I like playing)

3. Phonetic spelling
Can write words with a near-perfect pairing of letters and the sounds they make (Hill, 2006).

(In the holidays we ...)

4. Transitional spelling
Begins to employ common letter patterns (Hill, 2006).

e.g. Noth Adlidli is a good school. the offiec ...

5. Independent spelling
Can use numerous strategies and methods to spell such as patterns, phonics and visual remembrance. Can check whether the word looks 'right'. Phonics is no longer used as a major strategy (Hill, 2006).

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