Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Spelling can be taught in any classroom literacy program!

Examples of where it can be reinforced may be:
  • Shared Reading - Using a text, ask children questions such as 'Who can find me a book with an /ou/ sound? How many sounds can we hear in this word? What letters make this sound?' (Bush, 2008).
  • Small Group Reading - Ask similar questions during Guided Reading with a small group.
  • Whole Group Writing - By utilizing modelled, shared or interactive writing, this helps to reinforce spelling. Question students about possible spelling options and ask them to share their strategies with their peers (Bush, 2008).
  • Whole Class Spelling - If a new spelling strategy or concept is introduced to students, this should be focused upon at the beginning of the writing session as an entire class. In small groups this concept is discussed yet again to reinforce before writing begins. Additionally, "this allows for short bursts of instruction and reinforcement at word level, before being further reinforced in context, as the lesson moves into whole group shared or modelled writing at the beginning of the writing literacy block" (Bush, 2008, p. 3).

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