Tuesday, 19 April 2011


It is useful for new teachers to understand that a brilliant spelling program should consist of clever and witty strategies that promote spelling knowledge and word development, useful and fitting words that the students are faced with during their reading and can then incorporate these into their pieces of writing, and fascinating activities that force students to look at words from a different angle and outlook (Batt, Ceely, Frencham, Hayes, & Long, 2007).

To "plan an effective program that adequately meets the diverse needs of all students we need to first learn all about our students and their knowledge and understanding of spelling” (Batt et al., 2007, p. 6).
By using spelling inventories teachers are able to do just this. A spelling program should ignite student's fascination and curiosity in language and words (Bush, 2008).

Spelling inventories...
A spelling inventory is a list of words that have been vigilantly selected due to particular patterns and features that can be taught from them (Batt et al., 2007).

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